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Top ten dazzling desktop functions of Microsoft Windows 7

07/07/2010 15:05:02

It is reported that Microsoft's Windows 7 has been officially scheduled for release on 22 October. We are going to introduce the top ten dazzling desktop functions of it here.

1 Aero Peek

The Aero Peek function of Microsoft Windows 7 is an expanding of Vista's Aero graphical interface. If you open multiple windows, Aero Peek will show you the operating window, and make other open windows into transparent "glass panel." Aero Peek can also act on the desktop. While you put the mouse over the "Show Desktop" in the bottom right corner of the taskbar, all the open windows become a transparent color and the desktop is showed.

Windows 7

Figure 1: Aero Peek View

2 HomeGroup

The HomeGroup function can help you share all of the photos, music, video, documents and equipment (such as printers) in your home net place.
In order to establish a HomeGroup, the network location of the user's Network and Sharing Center needs to be set to "home". When you create a HomeGroup, you can specify the media files, folders, and equipment that you want to share. Meanwhile, you can also create a password, and then only people who know the password can enter the HomeGroup.

Windows 7

Figure 2: HomeGroup View

3 Media Streaming Options

Media Streaming Options of Windows 7 could simplify the process of share photos, video and music between computers in home network with the function of HomeGroup.
Remote media Share is a new feature of Windows 7 RC. It allows users to share remote media via the information on the Internet. Media Stream option can help you restrict specific computers to share your media. What you need to do is just select "More stream option" in the "Stream" Menu of your Windows Media Player and finish the setting.

Windows 7

Figure 3: Media Streaming Options


4 Play To

Once you start the Media Stream in your Windows 7, with the "Play To" you can send the media to other computers or devices using Windows 7 on the internet and play it through the remote control window.
With the "library" function of Windows Media Player or Windows Explorer, right-click on your media, then you can send it to another device. For example, you can send video clips or music to another notebook computer.

Windows 7

Figure4: Play To function

5 Aero Snap

Aero Snap is a part of the improvement in the Aero Desktop of Windows 7. This function is also used for the Windows window manager. The difference is that it focuses on the basic control of Windows.
As display resolution getting higher and higher, traditional window control is not so convenient and the appearance of Aero Snap is to solve this problem. It can provide users with some of the most basic operations such as: maximize, minimize windows and display windows side-by-side. These operations can be done only by moving the mouse, and users do not even need to click the mouse.

Windows 7

Figure 5: Aero Snap View

6 Jump Lists

Jump Lists function of Windows 7 provides users with a "mini-start menu", which allows users to access their frequently used documents more easily, such as music, text documents, links, pictures, etc.
We have to admit that the Jump Lists of Microsoft Windows 7 simplify the users' operations to a large extent.

Windows 7

Figure 6: Jump Lists function

7 Dreamlike desktop background

Microsoft has added personality to the desktop background of Windows 7. The dreamlike backgrounds make users enjoy themselves in the unprecedented visual.
And these backgrounds also include some international arts' painting style which makes them fantastic and fun.

Windows 7

Figure 7: Dreamlike desktop background

8 Library function

In Windows 7, Microsoft uses "Library" to replace the common folders. The "Library" collects contacts, documents, downloads, music, pictures, video, etc. together. This greatly facilitates the users to search.

Windows 7

Figure 8: Library function

9 New Task Bar

Microsoft uses the Aero Peek function in the New Task Bar Thumbnails. When you put the mouse over the application icon in the task bar of Windows 7, this application will display while other windows will be to "transparent glass".

Windows 7

Figure 9: The New Task Bar

10 Taskbar Control of Windows Media Player

We can feel the great texture of the new mini Windows Media Player in Windows 7. Besides, when the Media Player is running, there are basic control keys in the taskbar preview window.

Windows 7

Figure 10: Windows Media Player View

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