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Avast vs. Norton 2009

07/07/2010 16:27:44

Protecting the valuable and private data on a computer, let alone the personal identity of the computer user, is an increasingly important task these days. This is why researching which security solutions are best for your protection should not be a half-hearted process. Antivirus software may look the same on the surface. Avast and Norton both have excellent reputations. Norton is a known brand in the U.S., while Avast is one of the world's most recognized brands.


Security Issues


Malicious computer code comes through everything from email and attachments, to instant messaging and flash drives these days. Two of the most common methods are social marketing profiles and peer-2-peer transfers. Today's cyber-crime organizations are not rooms with overzealous teens trying to outdo each other. Today, cyber-terrorists do not want to destroy the computer, they want to control it. In order to accomplish the goal, cyber-criminals will use extreme stealth methods to get around computer protection.


Avast Anti-Virus




Avast Anti-Virus provides very advanced protection features and options, not found in the average anti-virus solution. These benefits include anti-spyware, anti-rootkit and self-protection to keep malware from turning off the Avast security. The Advast anti-virus kernel is ISA certified, and it has received 100VB awards for catching 100 percent of the malicious software sent to attack the computer. Avast also includes special advanced features, instant messaging and peer-2-peer shields and script blocking to protect computer users from unknowingly accepting and downloading malware from trusted friends and websites.


avast! Home - Free antivirus

avast! Mac Edition

Protea AntiVirus Tools, Avast! version


Norton 2009




Norton 2009 is the fastest and lightest anti-virus solution ever created by Norton. Earlier versions bogged down the computer, causing computer users to turn off the anti-virus protection. Norton 2009 is light and fast. Symantec, the parent company, stated there are over 300 improvements to Norton 2009. However, according to, an independent tech blog, Norton 2009 only scored "98% for malware detection and 95% for spyware detection on recent AV-Test testing." This does raise some protection concerns.




Choosing the best anti-virus protection to fit your needs is critical. You may need live telephone support. Avast is based out of the Czech Republic, so getting a live person on the phone could be a challenge depending on where you live. Norton does offer live phone support, but charges high fees for phone support. Both companies offer support forums, blogs and tutorials and active support communities to help both the average and advanced computer user in a time of need.


Expert Advice


Avast provides the most advanced protection of these two anti-virus solutions, and currently protects over 80 million computers. Of the two, Avast has the most consistent track record of detecting and stopping 100 percent of the malicious attacks tested. However, both Avast and Norton only update their virus definitions once a day. In today's cyber-crime world, it is "Best Practice" to automatically update virus-definitions every few hours, or at least two or three times in a 24-hour period. Cyber-criminals watch this type of activity and use it to judge when the best time is to release new malware.

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