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How to Increase the Volume of a MP3

07/07/2010 11:15:03

An MP3 file that plays too softly can disturb the flow of a solid MP3 playlist. Amplifying your MP3 file to match the levels of your other MP3s can end the frustration of having to turn the volume up on your MP3 player when softer songs play. And with the help of some free online software, accomplishing this task doesn't require an audio expert.




Things You'll Need:


Audacity (digital audio editing software) LAME for Audacity


Step 1


Download a copy of Audacity to your computer's desktop. This free sound-editing software is free and cross-platform, available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Install the program after it is done downloading but don't run it just yet.


Step 2


Download and install a copy of the Lame MP3 codec for Audacity then launch Audacity.


Step 3


Click on the "File" heading located in the top left corner of Audacity and choose "Open" from the list menu. Use the window that appears to browse your computer for the MP3 file you'd like to increase the volume on.


Step 4


audacity, increase the volume


Drag the volume control to the right to raise the decibel level of your MP3 file, and to the left to lower it. After you're satisfied with the volume increase of your file, export it.


Step 5


mp3, audacity, increase the volume


Return to the "File" heading in Audacity and select "Export MP3" from the list of options in the list menu that appears. Use the menu window that appears to name your amplified MP3 file and choose a location to store it. Click the "Save" button to save and export your amplified MP3 file.

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