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A Website to Check the Speed of Your Internet

08/28/2009 04:32:51

Have you ever wondered how fast your internet and network provider is? Is it as fast as your friend's desktop, your co-workers laptop? Your kids Net book? Well follow these simple instructions and find out!




Things You'll Need:

Just a computer and internet capability!

Step 1

In the address bar of your web browser, type in:

You should see a virtual map zoom in, with a star that lights up near your city or town.
(That star represents the recommended server for your area.)

Internet Speedtest

Step 2

Click on the Highlighted Star to Begin the Test

Internet Speedtest

Your results should pop up in a window showing three things:

Internet Speedtest

a) Download Speed (Mega Bytes per second for a download)
b) Upload Speed (Mega Bytes per second for an upload)
c) Ping Rate (A standard for how fast a round trip piece of information gets from your computer to another host and back to your computer)

You should also see by the download section, how fast a typical Music, Video and Movie file will take to download on your computer.

Step 3

How Fast Is Your Internet?

Your Result is highlighted in blue!

Internet Speedtest

Compare it with the Internet Service Provider (ISP) Average highlighted in white below Your Result.


Internet Speedtest

You can also see how others have rated your ISP, and rate your ISP to give some feedback.
Now you know how your computer measures up in speed! Enjoy surfing the net and be safe out there on the "information super highway."

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