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how to use DVD Studio Pro to add HD Advanced Button

06/24/2010 15:27:44

Digital video disc is very well-liked with individuals. Whilst do you konw how to use Dvd Strudio Pro on Mac. When the answer isn't. This manual will provide you with assist.


1. Add High definition to a Regular Def Dvd with Digital video disc Studio Pro

Dvd Studio Professional is only likely to allow you to have total disc usage of 4.7 gb ( on the standard DVD5), so you will wish to keep the file size of what ever you are adding to the Digital video disc ROM as small as feasible. You probably won't have the space to add a 1920 x 1080 Apple Pro Res movie unless of course the total length from the movie is under 4 minutes. The Apple Tv setting will create a 1280 x 720 Quicktime movie which will compress to some manageable size which will not trigger you to require to leave as well a lot room for the Digital video disc ROM content material. When producing the Mpeg 2 movie in Compressor, you can add the Apple Tv setting to the same batch, and Compressor will do everything at as soon as.
Add HD to a Standard Def DVD with DVD Studio Pro

Note. If you're adding the Dvd ROM whenever you a doing a Build/Format in Digital video disc Studio Professional, be sure to create sure you have the disc space prior to performing so, simply because Digital video disc Studio Professional won't update the Disc Meter unless you include the content material at the Disc degree in the Inspector.

2. Producing SD and Hd with Dvd Studio Pro

If you're generating both a Standard Definition, and a High Specific description task in Digital video disc Studio Professional right here is really a really important piece of information to maintain in mind. When setting the Digital video disc Regular, set it to SD Dvd very first, author out the entire project, even construct it. BUT, before you change the Movie Regular to High definition Digital video disc, conserve the project using the High definition suffix atatched, then change the Video Regular for that project to High definition Digital video disc. Should you alter a project from SD to Hd, you can't alter it back. If you need to construct another SD Dvd, you won't be able to reset the Digital video disc regular. You can upgrade from SD to High definition, but not the other way.

Producing SD and HD with DVD Studio Pro

3. Sophisticated Button Highlight in Dvd Studio Professional



Using a graphic to indicate which button is highlighted creates a very expert looking menu. It is also very professional to have the button text animate onto the menu. When creating the genealogical history movie for that O'Toole work, it would be very appropriate to possess a shamrock appear following to the active button.

Advanced Button Highlight in DVD Studio Pro

To accomplish this you merely produce an overlay with a shamrock in every position you'll want it to appear on your menu. When creating your buttons, you make certain that every button variety includes a shamrock. Only the shamrock connected with the active button will be visible.

Ok, this guide provides you the way on how to use Digital video disc Studio Pro to include Hd, create SD and Hd, highlight Sophisticated Button. Subsequent this manual you will get more information about Dvd Studio Professional on Mac OS X.



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