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Parallels Desktop for Mac review

09/28/2008 07:04:19

Parallel Desktop for Mac is the leading virtualization solution for the Mac, enabling Mac users to run Windows simultaneously with their Mac OS X on any Intel-powered iMac, Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Mac Pro Towers.


The latest release of Parallels delivers easy to use migration tools, USB 2.0 support, innovative Coherence technology, and much more. It's never been easier to run Mac OS and Microsoft Windows side by side.


With Parallels Desktop for Mac, you can:


  • Run your favorite Mac and Windows applications at the same time without rebooting
  • Seamlessly connect to any network in both Mac OS and Windows using a shared network connection
  • Achieve a high level of performance for Windows on your Mac by leveraging Intel technology - an industry leading solution available on Parallels Software
  • Copy and paste items between your Mac desktop and your Windows desktop
  • Quickly create multiple virtual machines by using the new Parallels Installation Assistant
  • Create Active backups by using Parallels Desktop for Mac in conjunction with Parallels Compressor
  • Achieve optimal virtual machine performance and reduce disk space by 50% or more with the new Parallels Compressor


Step by step guide: How to install parallel desktop for mac:


FDD Image: A file that contains the entire contents of a floppy disk, is used to install specific guest operating systems, such as OS/2.


1 First of all, download the latest Parallels Desktop for Mac build available for the version you bought; for this, We recommend such updating, because Apple rapidly releases new hardware and new versions of Mac OS X, and our developers try to keep Parallels software up-to-date.


2.When the download is completed, you'll see Parallels Desktop Installer window.



Double-click the Install Parallels Desktop option to start installation.


In the Welcome screen click the Continue button.



5 In the Software License Agreement screen use the scroll bar to read the entire agreement. We recommend printing the license agreement for your records using the Print button or saving it for future reading using the Save button. When you are ready, click the Continue button.



In the pop-up dialog, click the Agree button to continue installing.



6 Next you'll see the Select a Destination screen. Currently, you can install Parallels Desktop only on the boot volume, the same disk with Mac OS X, so select this disk. Other disks (if actually you have more than one) will be disabled for selection. Click Continue.



Click Install to start the Parallels Desktop installation.


Note: Of course, you can return to the previous steps by clicking the Go Back button at any time.



7 Installation progress is shown in the Installing Parallels Desktop window.


8 When Parallels Desktop is installed, the Installer informs you that the installation was successful. To complete the installation, click Close. Yes, it was that easy!

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