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Guide: How to split WMA with super WMA splitter

07/07/2010 17:05:05

How to split WMA? How to cut WMA? How to join WMA? Super WMA Cutter Joiner can do this. It is a super editor to cut and join WMA files. It also supports MP3, WAV and OGG format. It builds audio cutter and audio joiner into one software. With Super WMA Cutter Joiner, you can cut piece from a big file and then convert it to a WMA or MP3 or WAV or OGG file. You can also join multiple files into one big file. Cut/join with high precision and no quality is lost. Please free download and follow me step by step to cut and merge WMA files.


I. Introduction of this WMA splitter:


split WMA


A quick and easy-to-use WMA cutter and WMA splilter which can cut, merge and spliter WMA in an instant. With this WMA cutter and WMA splitter, you can cut and merge you MP3s at your will and the speed is very fast.


Super WMA Cutter Joiner directly cut/join audio files without any temp files included. There is a small player built Super WMA Cutter Joiner and you set begin-time and end-time just when you pre-listening the song.


Supports visually define the time by using slider bar. With a simple and easy user interface, everybody can know how to cut/join files within 5 minutes. Need a tool to cut/join your audio files? Super WMA Cutter Joiner is here. If will be a surprise for you.


II. How to split WMA:


Step 1: Open the WMA file:


split WMA file


The WMA file info will display on the software:


WMA splitter


Step 2: Set the options:


cut WMA


join WMA


Step 3: Set the output folder:


split WMA, split WMA file


Final Step: Cut or join:


WMA splitter, cut WMA, join WMA


Ok that's all. The WMA splitter will help you finish split WMA, cut WMA and join WMA in a few minutes.


Just free download and then you will feel using this wonderful WMA splitter to split WMA, cut WMA and join WMA is very easy.

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