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TeraPod File Transfer for Messenger

TeraPod File Transfer for Messenger
License: Shareware; $24.95 to buy
File Size: 0MB
Limitations: N/A
Last Update: 2010-05-04
System Requirements:


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Please make sure that you have downloaded the TeraPod File Transfer trial. When you purchase TeraPod File Transfer you will receive a registration key to unlock and make you eligible for all updates and upgrades for one year.

TeraPod File Transfer integrates with Messenger to solve two problems 1) sending and receiving files when behind a firewall, NAT or network connections that cause Messenger transfers to fail 2) Make file transfers secure by using 256 bit encryption to make the transfers secure and protected from prying eyes of network snoopers (like at work) and hackers. TeraPod File Transfer receives and sends files to anyone that has File Transfer or File Receiver...

Unlike email, TeraPod File Transfer has no size or file type limits. TeraPod File Transfer does not open up your system to the entire Internet like Kazaa, Grokster, Morpheus or other programs that create a sharing network. With TeraPod File Transfer, you send and receive files directly from the people you choose.

When you buy TeraPod File Transfer you can be assured that you are always up to date, as all buyers get free updates and upgrades for a year. Better yet, be assured that you can send files to anyone without forcing them to buy TeraPod File Transfer, as all of your friends can download the free to use, receive only TeraPod File Receiver.

New features include even faster transfers and new 256 bit encryption of transfers. The new 256 bit encryption is double the security found when doing secure Internet transactions and is great for sensitive files, protecting your privacy and making sure the file does not end up in the wrong hands.


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