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Last Update: 2010-05-04
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Meslink: The Perfect Mobile Messaging Experience

Meslink is the Perfect Mobile Messaging Experience. Want to send an SMS anywhere across the world? 

Just type in the message and send it! Or would you like to convert your favorite show biz star's picture as a mobile phone logo? Launch the image to logo converter and convert ANY image into your cell phone's logo or send it as a picture SMS. With Meslink, virtualy every image available on the Internet can be set on your mobile phone screen, be it as a logo, a picture message, or a screen saver!


To Logo Converter

One of the strongest and most versatile features of Meslink is the image-to-logo conversion facility. You will  virtually be able to convert any image into your own mobile phone logo! With the power of the Internet Explorer's browsing capabilities over the internet, you can customize your own mobile phone whenever you want, with no extra cost at all! Simply drag and drop ANY image on your hard drive into the image to logo conversion
application of Meslink, and you have your own cell phone logo or picture SMS. With the logo converter, you can even draw and create your own logos and picture messages. 
No longer will you need to browse and search mobile phone logo sites for a particular logo: just convert the required image available on hundreds and thousands of locations on the web into a supported mobile phone logo, and send it!


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