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For several years now, experimental aircraft owners have looked for an affordable navigation system that in fact does not cost the same or more than the aircraft itself.

Fiko Technologies Ltd. together with Fiko Software Co., Ltd. and Aeronautical Software Lab and Technologies has now introduced its MS Flight Simulator versions of its original aviation software named FIKOTECH Q12 Series.

This simulator version is in fact the exact software copy of the original software used in aircraft and helicopters world-wide but will only work with the FSFDEXGA software plug-in for transmitting GPS and Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) data from MS Flight Simulator 2002/2004 to the Q12 PFD (Primary Flight System).

By using this software, anybody can learn how real avionics works without paying the high cost of aviation software and for those that are building their own flight simulators, Fiko Technologies are also offering PC-104 CPU boards, 6.4" TFT colour displays and PS/2 keyboard controller boards for controlling the Q12 Series with external buttons and switches.

The FIKOTECH Q12 PFD software is perfect solution for anybody interested in aviation and are perfect for flight training schools, aviation clubs, "homebuilt" and general aviation enthusiasts that like to explore possibilities for using MS Flight Simulator for more than just one screen.


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